Takin’ Off

~ Release group by Herbie Hancock


Takin’ Off12" Vinyl6Blue NoteBLP 4109
Takin’ Off12" Vinyl6Blue NoteBST-84109
Takin’ OffCD6Manhattan Records (1984–1987; relaunched 2001)CDP-7 46506-2077774650625
Takin’ OffCD9Blue NoteCDP 7243 8 37643 2 7724383764327
Takin' Off(unknown)6
Takin' OffCD9Blue Note7243 4 897922 3724348979223
Takin' OffCD9Blue Note3 49459 8724349459823
Takin' Off(unknown)6
Takin' OffVinyl6Cisco MusicCLP-7050
Takin' OffCD9Blue Note927572094639275724
Takin' OffCD9Blue NoteTOCJ-7039
Takin' OffCD9Blue Note0946 3 92757 2 4094639275724
Takin’ OffCD6Hallmark Records (Pickwick UK imprint, unrelated to the US Hallmark greeting card label)7138125050457138127
Takin’ OffDigital Media6Blue Note84109[none]
Takin' Off2×CD6 + 6Not Now MusicNOT2C5265060143495267


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