Pop Life

~ Release group by David Guetta


Release Format Tracks Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
Pop Life CD 14 09463963972 4 094639639724
Pop Life CD 13 Gum Prod 0094639482221
Pop Life DualDisc 16 Virgin (worldwide imprint of Virgin Records Ltd. and all its subsidiaries) 0946 3 94823 2 0
Pop Life 2×Vinyl 6 + 7 Gum Prod 3971411 094639714117
Pop Life CD 14 Gum Prod CDANGE45 5099950454020
Pop Life Digital Media 14 Gum Prod
Pop Life (mixed by David Guetta version) Digital Media 14 Ultra Records (US electronic/dance label)
Pop Life (bonus version) 2×Digital Media 16 + 15 Gum Prod
Pop Life Digital Media 14 Ultra Records (US electronic/dance label) UL1600 617465160059


associated singles/EPs: Baby When the Light by David Guetta feat. Cozi
Everytime We Touch by David Guetta & Chris Willis with Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso
Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away) by David Guetta vs. The Egg
Love Is Gone by David Guetta & Chris Willis
Tomorrow Can Wait by David Guetta & Chris Willis vs. Tocadisco
included in: Original Album Series
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/master/91060 [info]
Wikidata: Q852168 [info]
Wikipedia: en: Pop Life (David Guetta album) [info]

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David Guetta is a French Dj who became really known only after he started his solo career.He was the founder of Gum Productions alongside Lisa Dodgson.They released the album Just a Little More Love,in 2002 this beeing David's first release ever.

He started his solo career around 2004,the same year he released Guetta Blaster known as his first big release.Three years later he releases Pop Life the album that i would call his piece of art.Not only did he get a good feedback from his fans,he gained most of his fanbase after releasing Pop Life.From that point every album he released was a great success,some even becoming #1 in the United Kingdom.Two examples would be "When Love Takes Over" and "Gettin' Over You".Even tho "Pop Life" got him started the song "Titanium" made him a worldwide sensation.Today he is called to participate in shows all over the world beeing loved and known everywhere.

With the release of Pop Life he was no longer only a French Dj and a record producer,from that moment on he was known as a remixer too due to his original remixed song "Love is gone".

Love is Gone was by far the best song in the entire album.The fact that the song lived for 8 years and might still hold on for some more to come is amazing.He is still asked to sing this song on shows today and i can relate.In my personal oppinion "Love is Gone" is the best song he ever released, a thing that many songs are competing for.The lyrics talk about losing his love for his most deared person and how he can't hold on anymore.Even tho the lyrics sound sad,the song's beats,as much as the rythm are mainly giving a happy vibe.The song's message is sad but i heard no fan feeling sad when hearing the song.The happy vibe he transmits trough his song is too strong for the lyrics to actually touch you.Not many have succeded into doing so and the ones that did can't compare themselves with David Guetta's song "Love is Gone".

"Never take away my freedom" has a message i entirely love.The way he sing about freedom being his most precious thing. Yet the song is not great only due to the message it gives,his voice is complimented so beautifully by the beats the track becomes legendary.Unlike "Love is Gone" this song isn't giving a happy vibe at all.The song isn't relaxing or such,its more energetic having a more anger-like vibe.At that time this song was diffrent than the rest of his releases ,but even if this was not his usual style,he succeded his experiment,the song becoming really popular.

David Guetta started doing live shows around 2010.Some of his best live shows would be Tomorrowland in 2013,2014,2015 and at the Miami Ultra Music Festival in 2015 .Even today he's making some of the greatest live shows and not only that,some of the craziest too.He's a great Dj and remixer and you cannot pass by in life without hearing about David Guetta.He's a Legend amongst us !