Live in Manchester

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This release contains a recording from one of N-Joi's early 90s live sets. The recording is "live" in the sense that it was a prerecorded mix which was played to a live audience. The release ended up reaching number 12 in the UK Top 40 chart. The vocals were performed by singer Saffron, who later would join the band Republica.

The set included a mix of both released and unreleased material. Below are the tracks I have been able to identify. Any additions or corrections by the community are appreciated.

Part 1:

Manic 3:22 - 5:20
Malfunction 5:20 - 7:28

Part 2:

Mindflux 2:45 - 5:37
Adrenalin 5:37 - 8:50

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Live in ManchesterN‐JoiCD2
DeconstructionPD 452525012394525224
Live in ManchesterN‐JoiCD2
DeconstructionPD 452525012394525224


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