Under My Skin

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Under My Skin (Special Edition)Avril LavigneCD + DVD16 + 6
  • TW2004-03-12
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD14
  • JP2004-05-12
Arista82886-61819-2, BVCA-240204988017622131
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD13
  • IE2004-05-21
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD12
  • AU2004-05-24
Sony Music Entertainment (not for release label use! company owned by Sony Corporation of America since Oct 1, 2008; operates worldwide except in JP)
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD12
  • DE2004-05-24
Arista82876 60345 2828766034523
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD13
  • GB2004-05-24
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD12
  • US2004-05-24
Arista, RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or ‘RCA’ with lightning bolt in circle)82876-59774-2 RE-1828765977425
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD12
  • CA2004-05-25
Arista, RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or ‘RCA’ with lightning bolt in circle)82876-59774-2828765977425
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD12
  • US2004-05-25
Under My SkinAvril LavigneDualDisc (CD side) + DualDisc (DVD-Video side)12 + 16
  • US2004-05-25
RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or ‘RCA’ with lightning bolt in circle)82876 67289-2828766728927
Under My SkinAvril LavigneDigital Media13
  • XW2004-05-25
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD12
Arista, BMG (the former Bertelsmann Music Group, defunct since 2004-08-05; for releases dated 2008 and later, see annotation), Hifi Recordings, RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or ‘RCA’ with lightning bolt in circle), War Child Canada82876597742828765977425
Under My SkinAvril Lavigne(unknown)11
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD12
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD12
AristaCDAST (CF) 4676007124415837
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD12
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD12
  • -2004
Under My Skin (special edition)Avril LavigneCD + DVD-Video18 + 5
  • JP2005-02-23
Arista82876-66895-2, BVCP-28031, BVCP-28031~2, BVCP-280324988017629031
Under My SkinAvril Lavigne(unknown)16
  • SE2005-05-25
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD + DVD-Video16 + 6
  • DE2005-06-13
RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or ‘RCA’ with lightning bolt in circle)82876677512828766775129
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD12
  • CN2011-09-30
Sony Music (global brand, excluding JP, owned by Sony Music Entertainment)82876 5977429787799436487
Under My SkinAvril LavigneCD14
  • JP2016-12-15
Under My SkinAvril Lavigne12" Vinyl12
  • XE2017-09-15
Arista, Music on Vinyl (imprint of Music on Vinyl B.V. Do not use for manufacturing/distribution relationships!)MOVLP17728719262002500
Under My Skin (instrumentals)Avril LavigneCD12


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part of:Juno Awards: Pop Album of the Year (number: 2005) (order: 9)
Music Canada Certified Quintuple Platinum Albums (order: 37)
Music Canada Certified Quadruple Platinum Albums (order: 45)
Music Canada Certified Triple Platinum Albums (order: 64)
Music Canada Certified Double Platinum Albums (order: 106)
Juno Awards: Album of the Year (number: 2005) (order: 147)
Music Canada Certified Platinum Albums (order: 162)
Music Canada Certified Gold Albums (order: 313)
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