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LonerismTame ImpalaDigital Media12
Modular Recordings (Australian label)[none]0602537065202
LonerismTame ImpalaCD + Digital Media12 + 2
  • AU2012-10-05
Modular Recordings (Australian label)MODCD1570602537065189
Lonerism (iTunes bonus track version)Tame ImpalaDigital Media13
  • GB2012-10-08
Modular Recordings (Australian label)[none]
LonerismTame ImpalaCD12
  • GB2012-10-08
Modular Recordings (Australian label)MODCD157602537065189
Lonerism (Rough Trade exclusive edition)Tame Impala2×CD12 + 5
  • GB2012-10-08
Modular Recordings (Australian label)MODCD157, MODCD157RT602537065189
LonerismTame Impala2×12" Vinyl6 + 6
  • GB2012-10-08
Modular Recordings (Australian label)MODVL161602537065219
LonerismTame ImpalaDigital Media12
  • GB2012-10-08
Modular Recordings (Australian label)
LonerismTame ImpalaCD12
  • US2012-10-09
Modular Recordings (Australian label)MODCD157602537065189
LonerismTame Impala2×12" Vinyl6 + 6
  • US2012-10-09
Modular Recordings (Australian label)MODVL161602537119967
LonerismTame ImpalaCD13
  • JP2012-11-07
Modular Recordings (Australian label)UICO-1243
Lonerism (Deluxe Limited Edition)Tame Impala2×12" Vinyl + CD + 7" Vinyl6 + 6 + 12 + 2
Modular Recordings (Australian label)MODDLX001602537175574
Lonerism (HDtracks – 24bit/96kHz)Tame ImpalaDigital Media12
Modular Recordings (Australian label)[none]887158405211


remixes:Lonerism B‐Sides & Remixes
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Lonerism B‐Sides & Remixes
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Australian Music Prize Nominees (number: 2012) (order: 68)
Grammy Award: Best Alternative Music Album nominees (number: 2014) (order: 116)
Pitchfork: The 200 Best Albums of the 2010s (number: 130) (order: 130)
TheNeedleDrop: Top 200 Albums of the 2010s (number: 189) (order: 189)
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