300 Jahre/Years J. S. Bach: Teldec Special Edition 1985, Volume 3: Messe in H-moll/Mass in B minor/Messe en si mineur, BWV 2322×12" Vinyl10 + 16
TELDEC (imprint featuring just the "TELDEC" wordmark)6.48233 DM[none]
Messe in H-Moll2×CD12 + 14
  • US2005-08-16
TELDEC (imprint of Teldec Classics, "T in triangle" logo, estd. late 1980s)4509-95517-2745099551728
Messe in h-Moll2×CD12 + 14
  • DE2007-09-21
WEA Records (imprint of Warner Records International: lower-case “wea” with “records” below)2564 69853-8825646985388