another eternity

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Release Format Tracks Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
another eternity Digital Media 10 4AD EAD3501A
another eternity 12" Vinyl 10 4AD CAD 3501 652637350111
another eternity CD 10 4AD CAD 3501CD 652637350128
Another Eternity (clear vinyl) 12" Vinyl 10 4AD CAD 3501 652637350180
another eternity CD 10 Last Gang Records
Another Eternity Digital Media 10 Last Gang Records
Another Eternity CD 10 4AD [none]


associated singles/EPs: begin again
push pull
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Wikidata: Q18786438 [info]

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"another eternity" is the second album released by Purity Ring in 2015.

The first song of the album is "heartsigh", and it really does live up to its title. With lyrics like, "whisk away your heartsigh...bury it in mine", it evokes feelings you didn't know existed before.

"bodyache" was a welcome difference from "heartsigh" in that the overall melody was one of more excitement than the first song, and the bass line grounds the song nicely.

"push pull" is one of my favorites on this album. From the get-go, Megan James' voice as well as the music itself has notes of yearning. It's amazing that in the middle of the song, there is practically no melody in what James sings, yet that is what brings the song together.

Next up was "repetition", with its low notes so uncharacteristic of James' vocals. For me, this song seemed like a pause before the songs of the second part of the album. However, this song does have memorable aspects. For example, I always find myself waiting for the variation on "watching me is like watching the fire take your eyes from you"; it wrenches your heart every time.

"stranger than earth" was the only song on the album I didn't really enjoy. It seems like it builds up to something, but we never really listen to anything that justifies more than 4 minutes of a song that doesn't really go anywhere.

It all gets better when we get to the 6th song of the album. "begin again" features a chorus that I would listen to all day, lyrics like "you be the moon, I'll be the earth, and when we burst, start over" making living through the fifth song worth it. It brings a new energy to the album that you realize wasn't present before.

The seventh song of the album would be my favorite, if forced to pick between "push pull", "flood on the floor" (eighth song), and itself, "dust hymn". Starting off with a barely audible melody, it spirals into an lively verse before stopping and then picking up to (rather creepy, to be totally honest) lyrics in Megan James' sweet voice. It all ties together to 3.5 minutes of a song that's fulfilling, giving you shivers in the process.

We come to "flood on the floor" a little shaken from the veiled intensity that was "dust hymn". This song is sad and soothing in the all the best ways, never getting monotonous, always surprising you with a beat here, a lyric there, making its chorus as one of my top favorites ever.

"sea castle" is where it begins to spiral down, as the second-to-last song in the album. It's still a worthy listen, however, featuring compelling harmonies.

Finally, "stillness in woe" is a fitting end to the album, soothing as always yet with the touch of other-worldly when it comes to the lyrics.

All in all, "another eternity" is my favorite album of 2015. I've listened to it a countless number of times, and would recommend the album to anyone and everyone.