Hands All Over

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Hands All OverMaroon 5CD19
  • JP2010-09-15
A&M/Octone RecordsUICA-10574988005628282
Hands All OverMaroon 5Digital Media20
  • FR2010-09-20
  • GB2010-09-20
Hands All OverMaroon 5CD13
  • GB2010-09-20
  • XE2010-09-21
A&M Records0602527498225602527498225
Hands All OverMaroon 5CD17
  • GB2010-09-20
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)2749822
Hands All OverMaroon 5CD18
  • AU2010-09-21
A&M/Octone Records2749821602527498218
Hands All OverMaroon 5CD18
  • PH2010-09-21
A&M Records060252749827602527498270
Hands All OverMaroon 5CD12
  • US2010-09-21
A&M/Octone RecordsB0014514-02602527434995
Hands All OverMaroon 5CD19
  • US2010-09-21
A&M/Octone RecordsB0014820-02602527489117
Hands All OverMaroon 5CD17
  • US2010-09-21
A&M Records, Octone RecordsB0014824-00602527502908
Hands All OverMaroon 5Digital Media18
  • US2010-09-21
Hands All OverMaroon 5Digital Media14
  • XW2010-09-21
Hands All OverMaroon 5CD18
Octone Records0602527498218602527498218
Hands All Over (Asia tour edition)Maroon 5CD22
  • TW2011-04-08
Universal Music Taiwan276 695-7602527669571
Hands All OverMaroon 5Digital Media13
  • US2011-07-12
Hands All Over (Amazon exclusive version)Maroon 5Digital Media19
  • US2011-07-12
Hands All Over (iTunes deluxe edition)Maroon 5Digital Media19
  • US2011-07-12
Hands All Over (revised international deluxe)Maroon 5Digital Media19
  • FR2011-07-15
  • GB2011-07-15
Universal Music France602527788012
Hands All OverMaroon 5CD13
  • US2011-08-01
A&M/Octone RecordsB0015984-02602527805627
Hands All OverMaroon 5Digital Media14
  • GB2011-08-30
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)
Hands All OverMaroon 5CD14
  • GB2011-09-05
A&M/Octone Records0602527808055602527808055
Hands All Over (Repress)Maroon 5CD14
A&M Records, Octone Records, Universal Music (plain logo: “Universal Music”)60252780805602527808055
Hands All OverMaroon 5CD13
A&M/Octone RecordsB001598402602527805627
Hands All OverMaroon 5CD14
A&M/Octone Records602527808055
Hands All Over (Asia Tour Edition)Maroon 5CD22
A&M/Octone Records602527669571
Hands All Over (Asia Tour Edition)Maroon 5CD22
A&M/Octone Records602527669571
Hands All Over (revised Japan deluxe version)Maroon 5Digital Media20
  • -2011
Interscope Records
Hands All OverMaroon 5CD18A&M/Octone RecordsB0016301-02602527787879
Hands All OverMaroon 5Digital Media21


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A brief aside: Robert 'Mutt' Lange must have the weirdest production CV of almost anyone in the rock era. Who else has managed to make an astonishing living at the helm of worldwide hit albums from artists as diverse as Def Leppard, AC/DC, The Corrs and Shania Twain?

He is, however, the perfect person to buff up Maroon 5's lascivious pop, given that Adam Levine clearly fancies himself as something of a dirty old rock star.

The album begins with a puzzle. Misery might be an accomplished pop song, a clear hit, but it's also 90% based on a hit they've already had: This Love. Its provocative placement at the gateway into this album's garden of sonic delights is clearly designed to send a message - that they're back and just as good as ever - but it's not one they needed to bother sending.

The thing is, there ARE sonic delights on offer here. One listen to Out of Goodbyes, a sumptuous country/bossa nova duet with Lady Antebellum, should be proof enough that Maroon 5 know their way around the laboratory in which good pop songs are formulated better than most.

How and Don't Know Nothing boast deliciously unexpected melodic twists in their choruses: a shrugged cadence of resignation in the latter, a surprise howl to the skies in the former. You have to be good at music to do this kind of thing.

Of course, there's also a lot of evidence here that hard work, tunesmithery and competence can be a stifling influence. The Jack Johnson soul of I Can't Lie and the big stadium balladry of Just a Feeling both suffer from a suffocating fug of quality workmanship, at the expense of any kind of personality or fun.

Whereas the rude guitar sleaze of Hands All Over, or the cocky glam-stomp in Stutter's verses show a band who are really at their best when they play pop music like the sleazy rockers they clearly are. In Adam Levine's mind, at least.

- - -

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