Lindsey StirlingLindsey StirlingDigital Media12
  • US2012-09-18
BridgeTone Records[none][none]
Lindsey StirlingLindsey StirlingCD12
  • US2012-09-25
BridgeTone Records[none]188143000375
Lindsey StirlingLindsey StirlingCD12
  • AT2013-02-08
  • DE2013-02-08
  • CH2013-02-08
We Love Music06025 3729559 30602537295593
Lindsey StirlingLindsey StirlingCD12
  • JP2013-02-11
Decca RecordsUCCS-11714988005870278
Lindsey StirlingLindsey StirlingCD12
  • AU2013-05-24
  • GB2013-06-04
Decca Records3741757602537417575
Lindsey StirlingLindsey StirlingCD12
  • GB2013-05-27
Decca Records, Universal Music Group (has logo with just “Universal Music Group”)0602537417575602537417575
Lindsey StirlingLindsey StirlingDigital Media12
  • GB2013-06-03
Decca Records, Lindseystomp Music, LLC[none]602537417575
Lindsey StirlingLindsey StirlingCD17
  • XE2013-09-27
Universal Music Group (has logo with just “Universal Music Group”), We Love Music06025 3766422 1602537664221
Lindsey Stirling (exclusive Target release)Lindsey StirlingCD17
  • US2013-10-29
Lindseystomp Music, LLC6892157540616892157540
Lindsey Stirling (deluxe)Lindsey StirlingDigital Media14
  • US2013-10-29
Lindseystomp Records[none]616892157649
Lindsey Stirling (re-release)Lindsey StirlingCD14
  • US2013-10-29
Lindseystomp Music, LLC616892157649
Lindsey Stirling (deluxe edition)Lindsey StirlingCD17
Universal Music Group (has logo with just “Universal Music Group”), We Love Music06025 3762233 70602537622337
Lindsey Stirling (deluxe)Lindsey StirlingDigital Media17
  • DE2013-11-08
Lindseystomp Music, LLC, Vertigo/Capitol (not for release label use! for copyrights, licensing and/or distribution only)[none]602537622375
Lindsey Stirling (re-issue)Lindsey StirlingCD17
  • XE2014-02-24
Decca Records, Universal Music Group (has logo with just “Universal Music Group”)0602537607198602537607198
Lindsey Stirling (limited edition buttercream)Lindsey Stirling12" Vinyl12
  • US2016-01-08
Lindseystomp Records762182871020
Lindsey Stirling (amazon exclusive green)Lindsey Stirling12" Vinyl12
  • US2016-01-08
Lindseystomp Records762184713526
Lindsey Stirling (Barnes & Noble exclusive)Lindsey Stirling12" Vinyl12
  • US2016-01-08
Lindseystomp Records762184713625


associated singles/EPs:Crystallize
Electric Daisy Violin
Lindsey Stomp
My Immortal
Zi‐Zi’s Journey
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