Paid tha Cost to Be da Bo$$Snoop DoggCD20
  • XE2002-11-25
Priority Records (US hip hop), Doggy Style Records7243 5 39157 2 8724353915728
Paid tha Cost to Be da Bo$$Snoop DoggCD20
  • US2002-11-25
Priority Records (US hip hop), Doggy Style RecordsCDP 7243 5 39157 2 8724353915728
Paid tha Cost to Be da Bo$$Snoop DoggCD20
  • BR2002-11-26
EMI Music Brasil7243 5 43245 2 9724354324529
Paid tha Cost to Be da Bo$$ (clean version)Snoop DoggCD20
  • -2002
Priority Records (US hip hop)


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Given the mediocre quality of his previous albums, most people had given up on ole Snoop ever finding his way back to the top dogg position. That is until now. With his 6th album, the Professor of G-ology is back in true form.

The first album to be released on his Doggystyle label, Snoop D-O Double Gizzle is wasting no time in stating his position; as head honcho, he's commanding respect. He's put down the joint and stepped to the mic; delivering a well- balanced album that includes soulful melodies, head banging beats and a welcome return to that 70s funk influence which compliments his West Coast lazy drawl so well.

With his newly acquired freedom from No Limit, the lanky Long Beach rapper has certainly done his homework and enlisted a roster of heavyweight producers; Neptunes, (yes, them again!) DJ Premier, Hi Tek, Fredwreck and Just Blaze.

The first single "From the Chuuch to Da Palace" proves Snoop's still got that bark. It's infectious, if somewhat repetitive,featuring the standard Neptunes sound all the way. Another head nodder has got to be the Premier produced: "The One and Only." It's classic east coast flava, equipped with the right scratches and breakbeats.

The album features eleven guest appearances from, Ludacris, Pharrell Williams, Redman, Charlie Wilson and others. The more noticeabletracks are the intoxicating flutedriven "Lollipop" with Nate Dogg and Jay Z and the quirky "Batman and Robin" with Lady of Rage.

Snoop'strademark Gangsta-meets-Pimp style is ever present but with a difference. Are we seeing a more mature reflective and sensitive side of Snoop with tracks like "I Miss that Bitch" (hmmm) and the soulful "I Believe in You" featuring Latoiya Williams? Here the soothing piano keys compliment her soft vocals. However he still "keeps it gangsta" with his diss track; "Pimp Slappd" when he responds to Suge Knights taunts.

Although not on the same par as the classic "Doggystyle", if one album can catapult him back on top of his game this has got to be it! Snoop fans will no doubt be rejoicing and those of you who thought Mr Broadus would never cut it without the assistance of the almighty Dre need to think again. After a decade in the game, It would appear an old Dogg can still learn new tricks!