Weezer (Red Album)

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Weezer (Red Album)WeezerDigital Media14
  • US2008-01-01
Geffen Records602517726451
Weezer (Red Album)WeezerCD10
  • CA2008-06-03
DGC Records, Interscope RecordsB001113502602517671836
Weezer (Red Album)WeezerCD10
  • US2008-06-03
DGC Records, Interscope RecordsB0011135-02602517671836
Weezer (Red Album, Deluxe Edition)WeezerCD14
  • US2008-06-03
DGC Records, Interscope RecordsB0011336-02602517726451
Weezer (Red Album)WeezerDigital Media15
  • US2008-06-03
Weezer (Red Album)WeezerDigital Media16
  • US2008-06-03
Weezer (Red Album)WeezerCD13
  • JP2008-06-04
Interscope Records, DGC RecordsUICF-11024988005517869
Weezer (Red Album)WeezerCD11
  • DE2008-06-06
DGC Records, Interscope Records0602517744929602517744929
Weezer (Red Album)WeezerDigital Media13
  • XW2008-06-09
Interscope Records602517766440
Weezer (Red Album)WeezerCD12
  • GB2008-06-16
Interscope Records1774493602517744936
Weezer (Red Album, deluxe)WeezerCD16
  • GB2008-06-16
Interscope Records1774496602517744967
Weezer (Red Album)WeezerCD15
  • DE2008-06-20
Interscope Records0602517744950602517744950
Weezer (Red Album)Weezer12" Vinyl10
  • US2008-06-24
DGC Records, Interscope RecordsB0011135-01602517730748
Weezer (Red Album)WeezerCD + DVD-Video17 + 11
  • JP2008-09-03
DGC Records, Interscope Records, Universal International (Japanese label; release must say “制作:Universal International” AND have no logos other than “Universal Music”)UICF-90574988005527844
DGC Records, Interscope Records1774492602517744929
Weezer (Red Album)WeezerCD11
Universal Music Ltda. (Brasil)60251774492602517744929
WeezerWeezerDigital Media15
Geffen Records0060251774495
Weezer (Red Album, deluxe)Weezer2×12" Vinyl6 + 8
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)[none][none]
Weezer (Red Album)WeezerCD13
  • JP2008-06-04


artist & repertoire support:Thom Panunzio
Luke Wood
associated singles/EPs:Dreamin'
Pork and Beans
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
included in:Blue / Green / Red
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