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19AdeleDigital Media12
XL RecordingsXLDL313634904031367
19AdeleDigital Media12
XL Recordings191404093863
19AdeleDigital Media12
  • GB2008-01-27
XL RecordingsXLDL313634904031367
  • AU2008-01-28
XL Recordings, Remote ControlXLCD313634904031329
19 (deluxe edition)Adele2×Digital Media12 + 10
  • XE2008-01-28
XL RecordingsXLDL313X634904531362
  • RU2008-01-28
СоюзXLCD 3134601250353975
19Adele12" Vinyl12
  • GB2008-01-28
XL RecordingsXLLP313634904031312
  • GB2008-01-28
  • FR2008-03-04
  • DE2008-03-07
XL RecordingsXLCD313634904031329
  • JP2008-03-05
Beggars Japan (2006–2009 Warner Music label), XL RecordingsWPCB-100494943674077731
  • JP2008-03-05
Beggars Japan (2006–2009 Warner Music label), XL RecordingsWPCB-100504943674078202
19 (limited edition)Adele2×CD12 + 5
  • US2008-06-10
Columbia (imprint owned by CBS between 1938–1990 within US/CA/MX; owned worldwide by Sony Music Entertainment since 1991 except in JP)88697 30624 2886973062425
19AdeleDigital Media12
  • US2008-06-10
XL Recordings[none]888880609571
  • US2008-06-24
Columbia (imprint owned by CBS between 1938–1990 within US/CA/MX; owned worldwide by Sony Music Entertainment since 1991 except in JP), XL Recordings88697 31859 2886973185926
19 (expanded edition)Adele2×CD12 + 10
  • FR2008-11-17
  • GB2008-11-17
XL RecordingsXLCD313X634904631321
19 (bonus tracks)AdeleDigital Media10
  • NL2008-11-17
  • GB2008-11-17
XL Recordings634904631369
19 (expanded edition)AdeleCD + Enhanced CD12 + 11
  • GB2008-11-17
XL RecordingsXLCD313X634904631321
19 (expanded edition)Adele2×CD12 + 10
  • TW2008-12-09
XL RecordingsHN579CD4712765162539
19 (デラックス・エディション)Adele2×CD12 + 10
  • JP2009-12-23
Hostess Entertainment Unlimited., XL RecordingsBGJ-11052, BGJ-11053, XLCD313XJ4582214504995
avex ChinaAVCD-24077
  • CN2013-03-07
Beggars GroupBCXLCD3139787798993042
19Adele2×CD12 + 7
XL RecordingsCDJUST 2536009143336735
19 (2018 Remastered Edition)AdeleCD12
  • US2018-05-08
XL Recordings42124LE


associated singles/EPs:Chasing Pavements
Cold Shoulder
Hometown Glory
Make You Feel My Love
Right as Rain
part of:Music Canada Certified Triple Platinum Albums (order: 74)
Music Canada Certified Double Platinum Albums (order: 123)
Mercury Prize shortlist nominees (number: 2008) (order: 190)
Music Canada Certified Platinum Albums (order: 193)
Music Canada Certified Gold Albums (order: 366)
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/master/28398 [info]
lyrics page:https://genius.com/albums/Adele/19 [info]
reviews:https://www.bbc.co.uk/music/reviews/6pf9 [info]
other databases:http://www.musik-sammler.de/album/146077 [info]
https://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/adele_f1/19/ [info]
Allmusic:https://www.allmusic.com/album/mw0000786424 [info]
Wikidata:Q208902 [info]

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It's easy to get the wrong impression about Adele. She looks like another Kate Nash, all Top Shop dresses and haircuts that only a mother could love. And the fact that she's been a fuss on MySpace for a while only ups the sense of trepidation. Add to that a Later... debut which came filled to the brim with nervous caterwauling, and hopes for her album aren't pitched particularly high.

This is why it's such a shock that it's a genuinely touching, maturely considered and brilliantly sung opus that belies her titular age. Listening to it for the first time is the aural equivalent of walking into one of those oh-so-quirky little bars that you expect to be filled with bland scenesters and discovering that everyone within is friendly and they're serving the finest soul food to fill you up with.

Pitching up somewhere between blues, folk and jazz, she's included something for everyone without ever pandering to a particular trend. Her melodies exude warmth, her singing is occasionally stunning and, in the dramatic Hometown Glory, the spiky cool of Cold Shoulder (which is unexpectedly reminiscent of Shara Nelson-era Massive Attack) and the piano epic Make You Feel My Love, she has tracks that make Lily Allen and Kate Nash sound every bit as ordinary as they are.

That said, there is a note of caution to be sounded. There's a danger of the hyperbole exceeding the actual potential here: The Brit Awards made her their first ever winner of the Critics' Choice award and the BBC's Sound of 2008 list named her as the most promising new music talent in UK, while one magazine compared her songbook with Leonard Cohen's! While she is undoubtedly good, she's not quite worthy of those accolades yet, as her voice lacks a little soul and her songwriting a little depth.

Adele is a fine prospect and a genuine talent, but just like Amy Winehouse, who went to the same performing arts school, her brilliance will truly shine when she's a little further into her career – though hopefully, she'll be better at handling the astronomical fame that awaits her than the crumbling Mrs Fielder-Civil.

19 is a great start, a solid base to build a career on and a wonderful reminder of just how great our home grown talent can be. Just goes to show that the old adage is true – you really can't go judging a pop star by their cover.