Melody A.M.

~ Release group by Röyksopp


Melody A.M.CD10Labels, Wall of Sound (1993-2006 UK electronic/indie/hip-hop)72438509202 2, WALLCD027724385092022
Melody A.M.CD10Wall of Sound (1993-2006 UK electronic/indie/hip-hop)WALLCD0275028589014824
Melody A.M.CD10AstralwerksASW91378724359137827
Melody A.M.CD10EMI Music Australia (not for release label use!), Wall of Sound (1993-2006 UK electronic/indie/hip-hop)724385092022, WALLOCD027724385092022
Melody A.M.2×CD10 + 5AstralwerksASW13352, ASW 13352-2724381335208
Melody A.M.CD10Virgin Music CanadaV2 82606
Melody A.M.2×CD10 + 3Labels7243 8 13240 0 4724381324004
Melody A.M.2×CD10 + 3Wall of Sound (1993-2006 UK electronic/indie/hip-hop)72438120630 0724381206300
Melody A.M. (special edition)2×CD10 + 9Labels, Wall of Sound (1993-2006 UK electronic/indie/hip-hop)TOCP-66195, TOCP-661964988006812376
Melody A.M.CD + Enhanced CD10 + 9Labels724359079127
Melody A.M.2×CD10 + 9
Melody A.M.(unknown)11


associated singles/EPs:Eple
Poor Leno
Remind Me
So Easy
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