I See You

~ Release group by The xx


I See You (limited edition)The xx2×CD10 + 2
  • XE2017-01-13
Young TurksYTCD161D0889030116185
I See You (limited edition on clear vinyl)The xxVinyl + CD10 + 10
  • XE2017-01-13
Young TurksYTLP161V889030016188
I See YouThe xxDigital Media10
  • XW2017-01-13
  • DE2017-01-13
  • US2017-01-13
Young TurksYTDA161
I See YouThe xxCD12
  • JP2017-01-13
Beat Records (Japanese electronic label often re-releasing Western artists albums for the Japanese market), Young TurksYTCD161J4580211851708
I See YouThe xxDigital Media12
  • JP2017-01-13
Young Turks
I See YouThe xxCD10
  • GB2017-01-13
Young TurksYTCD1610889030016126
I See YouThe xx12" Vinyl10
  • US2017-01-13
Young TurksYTLP161889030016119
I See YouThe xxDigital Media10
  • XW2017-01-13
Young Turks Recordings889030016164
I See You (deluxe limited edition)The xx2×12" Vinyl + 2×CD10 + 3 + 10 + 4
  • -2017-01-13
Young TurksYTLP161X0889030016102
I See You (deluxe edition)The xxDigital Media13
  • GB2017-06-22
  • AU2017-06-23
  • DE2017-06-23
  • US2017-06-23
Young Turks[none][none]


associated singles/EPs:On Hold
Say Something Loving
part of:NME’s Greatest Albums of The Decade: The 2010s (number: 63) (order: 63)
Mercury Prize Shortlist Nominees (number: 2017) (order: 296)
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