Clearing the Path to Ascend

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Release Format Tracks Date Country Label Catalog# Barcode
Clearing the Path to Ascend Digital Media 4 Neurot Recordings
Clearing the Path to Ascend CD 4 Neurot Recordings NR090 655035229027
Clearing the Path to Ascend Digital Media 4 [none]
Clearing the Path to Ascend 2×12" Vinyl 2 + 2 Relapse Records RR 7269 781676726912


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A Retrospective Through Rose-Tinted Glasses

Never has an album title been as forewarning of the content as this one.

This was part of my introduction to the "doom" side of metal, and what a way to start. The crushing riffs, the slow march along a path that indeed has been cleared by its sheer power. Yet somehow it manages to flip this around and sound almost inspirational by the time the final (and longest) track hits. Dynamic in the ultimate sense of the word, it holds the listener at its mercy, and it will not let up until the very end. For the duration of this album you will listen, and you will take the journey it lays out for you.

With a grand total of four songs spanning around an hour, the members of YOB take their time with their music, allowing themes to come and go, almost allowing some sense of personality to form within the songs. It is refreshing to hear such an approach to music, and it feels underdone in commercial records. It is, however, intended for a different niche and, indeed, a different kind of listener, a more "active" listener, if you will, one that does not feel intimidated by songs as long as eighteen minutes.

The lyrics are incredibly dense, highly open-ended and vague. This provides an interesting experience in taking from the journey only as far as you can read into the meaning, and only what you perceive the meaning to be. It is recommended to listen to this album with an open mind. All preconceived notions are irrelevant with an experience as singular and subjective as this.

All in all, a spectacular way to begin what would become an interesting foray into broadening my taste in music.