24K Magic

~ Release group by Bruno Mars


24K MagicBruno MarsDigital Media9
  • XW2016-11-17
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)075679904126
24K MagicBruno MarsDigital Media9
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)075679904119
24K MagicBruno MarsCD9
  • CA2016-11-18
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)2-558305075678662737
24K MagicBruno MarsVinyl9
  • XE2016-11-18
  • US2016-11-18
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)558305-1075678662720
24K MagicBruno MarsCD9
  • XE2016-11-18
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)7567-86627-3, 7567866273075678662737
24K Magic (Mastered for iTunes)Bruno MarsDigital Media10
  • IE2016-11-18
  • GB2016-11-18
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)075679903693
24K MagicBruno MarsCD9
  • JP2016-11-18
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)WPCR-175594943674252671
24K MagicBruno MarsCD9
  • US2016-11-18
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)558305-2075678662737
XXIVK MagicBruno MarsCD9
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)558305-2 / 7567-86627-3075678662737
XXIVk MagicBruno MarsCD9
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)75678662739397601007509
XXIVK MagicBruno MarsCD9
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)0075678662737075678662737
XXIVK MagicBruno MarsCD9
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)558305-2075678662737
24K MagicBruno MarsCD9
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint), Warner Music Russia558917-20075678662348
XXIVK MagicBruno MarsCD9
  • KR2018-02-01
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint), Warner Music Korea558305-2, WKPD03768809355973661
24K MagicBruno MarsCD + Blu-ray10 + 14
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)7567865756075678657566
XXIVK MagicBruno Mars12" Vinyl9
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)SD1325075678662720
XXIVK Magic (Walmart Exclusive Gold Vinyl, Limited Edition)Bruno Mars12" Vinyl9
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)0075678662720, 558305-1075678662720
24K MagicBruno Mars12" Vinyl9
  • US2023-08-04
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)00756786627200075678626340
XXIVK MagicBruno MarsCD9
  • AR2016-11-18
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint), Warner Music Argentina S.A.558305-1, 7567-86627-3075678662737


associated singles/EPs:24K Magic
That’s What I Like
Versace on the Floor
part of:Billboard: The 100 Greatest Albums of the 2010s (number: 69) (order: 69)
Grammy Award: Best R&B Album nominees (number: 2018 winner) (order: 120)
Grammy Award: Album of the Year nominees (number: 2018 winner) (order: 279)
supporting tours:24K Magic World Tour
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