The Shaky HandsThe Shaky HandsCD13
  • US2007-04-10
Holocene MusicHCM05751937300526


associated singles/EPs:The Sleepless
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It's a fact that certain music reflects certain moments in anyone's life. Dance music might, for example, reflect a Saturday night on 'the juice', Gangster rap may psyche some people up just before a monumental sporting event and Mozart could even encompass a feeling of dread in a ten-year-olds visit to his Grandma's house. Maybe.

If such comparisons can be made, The Shaky Hands, would without doubt, reflect a summer's day in the temperate countryside. Fitting then that the album cover portrays just that. Surrounded by greenery and blue sky, the band sits courteously with over-sized flowers as headwear. Nice look.

But the sound's even nicer. "Whales Sing" is one of the most cheerful songs released this year and "Sunburns" grabs hold of the listener and glides them back to the 1960s in a (air-conditioned) Cadillac and through wispy clouds created by the group's bouts of whistling and a meandering bass-line.

However, the Hands don't sound old-fashioned. Nick Delffs' voice is gracious but also, more importantly, distinctively powerful. "I'm Alive" without his voice would be somewhat average, but the fact that it isn't comes down to Delffs' inflection. Think Willy Mason fronting Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

"Another World" then takes the band in a Dylan-esque direction and strands them in uncertain territory, like a cat about to take a bath. The song's humming and acoustic delicacy sum up this album and the band as an entity. An entity which would melt even the most bitter heart.