Surfer Rosa

~ Release group by Pixies


Surfer RosaPixies12" Vinyl13
  • GB1988-03-21
4ADCAD 8035014436803017
Surfer RosaPixiesCD14
4ADCAD 803 CD5014436803024
Surfer RosaPixies12" Vinyl13
4ADRTD 72[none]
Surfer RosaPixies12" Vinyl13
Grabaciones Accidentales (GASA)GA-232
Surfer RosaPixies12" Vinyl13
4AD, Rough Trade (pre-2000)CAD 803, ROUGH US 38023138003811
Surfer RosaPixiesCD14
  • US1992-01-28
Elektra Entertainment (renamed from Elektra 1989–2004; revived as Elektra 2009-06-01), 4AD9 61295-2075596129527
Surfer RosaPixiesCD13
  • US2003-05-20
4ADGAD 8030 CD0652637803020
Surfer Rosa (180g reissue)Pixies12" Vinyl13
4ADCAD 803652637080315
Surfer RosaPixiesHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels)13 + 13
  • US2007-05-29
Mobile Fidelity Sound LabUDSACD 2032821797203265
Surfer RosaPixiesDigital Media13
  • XW2007-05-29
Surfer RosaPixiesDigital Media13
  • XW2019-12-31


inspired the name of:Surferosa
associated singles/EPs:Gigantic
included in:Minotaur
Surfer Rosa / Come On Pilgrim
part of:The Phoenix: The Ten Landmark Albums That Made Indie Rock (number: 7) (order: 7)
Huffington Post: Sexiest Album Covers: From the 50’s to Now (number: 32) (order: 31)
Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums of All Time: 2003 edition (number: 315) (order: 315)
Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums of All Time: 2012 edition (number: 317) (order: 317)
Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums of All Time: 2020 edition (number: 390) (order: 390)
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