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LooseNelly Furtado(unknown)15
  • JP2006-06-07
LooseNelly FurtadoCD13
  • DE2006-06-09
Geffen Records06024985391700602498539170
LooseNelly FurtadoCD14
  • IE2006-06-09
  • GB2006-06-12
Geffen Records9853919602498539194
LooseNelly FurtadoCD13
  • CA2006-06-20
Geffen Records, Mosley Music GroupB000630002602498520871
LooseNelly FurtadoCD15
  • JP2006-06-20
Geffen RecordsUICF-10654988005420626
LooseNelly FurtadoCD13
  • ES2006-06-20
Geffen Records06024985960050602498596005
Loose (Spanish limited edition)Nelly FurtadoCD18
  • ES2006-06-20
Interscope Records
Loose (BMG club edition)Nelly FurtadoCD13
  • US2006-06-20
Geffen Records, Mosley Music Group, BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. (BMG company that owned their direct marketing company/club editions)B000630002, D168055[none]
LooseNelly FurtadoCD13
  • US2006-06-20
Geffen RecordsB000630002602498520871
LooseNelly FurtadoDigital Media17
  • US2006-06-20
Geffen Records602517026964
LooseNelly FurtadoDigital Media16
  • US2006-06-20
LooseNelly FurtadoCD13
  • AU2006-07-08
Geffen Records98539170602498539170
LooseNelly FurtadoCD14
LooseNelly FurtadoCD14
Geffen Records, Mosley Music Group0602517170506602517170506
LooseNelly FurtadoCD13
STARCD 70216009143212831
LooseNelly FurtadoDigital Media17
LooseNelly FurtadoCD16
  • -2006
Loose (international tour edition)Nelly Furtado2×CD13 + 9
  • XE2007-03-05
Geffen Records, Mosley Music Group06025172457160602517245716
LooseNelly FurtadoCD13
  • DE2007-03-23
Geffen Records0602498467008602498467008
Loose (limited summer edition)Nelly FurtadoCD17
  • XE2007-07-13
Geffen Records, Mosley Music Group0602517392090602517392090
Loose (edición especial)Nelly FurtadoCD18
  • ES2007-09-02
Geffen Records, Mosley Music Group0602517453241602517453241
Loose (mixes & remixes limited edition)Nelly Furtado2×CD13 + 9
  • XE2007-11-27
Geffen Records, Mosley Music Group0602517529113602517529113
Loose (international tour edition)Nelly Furtado2×CD13 + 9
Geffen Records, Mosley Music Group1724571602517245716
Loose (Spanish special edition)Nelly FurtadoCD18
Geffen Records, Mosley Music Group1745324602517453241
Loose (expanded edition)Nelly FurtadoDigital Media32
  • XW2021-06-04
Geffen Records602438201907
LooseNelly FurtadoCD13
  • PL2006-06-09
Geffen Records602498442562


artist & repertoire support:D.J. Mormile
Thom Panunzio
part of:Juno Awards: Pop Album of the Year (number: 2007) (order: 11)
Juno Awards: Album of the Year (number: 2007) (order: 27)
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/master/130942 [info]
reviews:https://www.bbc.co.uk/music/reviews/5vdp [info]
Allmusic:https://www.allmusic.com/album/mw0000400240 [info]
Wikidata:Q488934 [info]

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Making a spectacular comeback with the grinding bassline of "Maneater", Nelly Furtado has ditched the dreary folk pop she's most famous for. Instead Loose takes lessons from the Stefani school of hip-pop, adding more class and sparkle from the infallible Timberland. The producer even takes a turn on the tracks himself, rapping on sleazy ass-shaker "Promiscuous Girl" and drumming on Spanish reggaeton "No Hay Igual".

The girl-next-door still resonates though with the Spanish guitar of mixed language "Te Busqué", featuring Colombian superstar Juanes, which conjures up imaginations of romantic sunsets. "All Good Things" sees the Portuguese Chanteuse in a Madge-like brooding campfire sing-along.

With equal measures of nice and nasty girl Nel, haters of "I'm Like A Bird" should perhaps give her another chance. With Loose, she's certainly earned it.