Harvest Moon

~ Release group by Neil Young


Harvest MoonNeil YoungCD10
  • CA1992-10-27
Reprise RecordsCDW 45057093624505723
Harvest MoonNeil YoungCD10
Reprise Records9362-45057-2093624505723
Harvest MoonNeil YoungCD10
Reprise Records9362-45057-2093624505723
Harvest MoonNeil YoungCD10
Reprise RecordsW2 4505777749751768602
Harvest MoonNeil Young12" Vinyl10
Reprise Records9362-45057-1093624505716
Harvest MoonNeil Young12" Vinyl10
Reprise Records9362-45057-1[none]
Harvest MoonNeil YoungCD10
Reprise RecordsWBCD 17506001491240924
Harvest Moon (club edition)Neil YoungCD10
Reprise Records, BMG Direct (BMG’s direct marketing company/club editions)9 45057-2, D-100208[none]
Harvest MoonNeil YoungCD10
Reprise Records9 45057-2093624505723
Harvest Moon (Same recording as MBID 93a79320-49ec-438c-a2c9-da89b9a4eaff)Neil YoungCassette10
Reprise Records9 45057-4093624505747
Harvest MoonNeil Young2×12" Vinyl7 + 3
  • XE2017-11-24
Reprise Records9362-45057-1093624910787
Harvest Moon (European repress with SID codes, WMME)Neil YoungCD10Reprise Records9362-45057-2093624505723
Harvest MoonNeil YoungDigital Media10Reprise Records[none]


associated singles/EPs:Harvest Moon
live performances:Dreamin’ Man Live ’92
part of:Music Canada Certified Quintuple Platinum Albums (order: 12)
Music Canada Certified Quadruple Platinum Albums (order: 13)
Music Canada Certified Triple Platinum Albums (order: 19)
Music Canada Certified Double Platinum Albums (order: 40)
Music Canada Certified Platinum Albums (order: 59)
Juno Awards: Album of the Year (number: 1994: winner) (order: 96)
Music Canada Certified Gold Albums (order: 151)
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/master/38601 [info]
other databases:https://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/neil-young/harvest-moon/ [info]
Allmusic:https://www.allmusic.com/album/mw0000090853 [info]
Wikidata:Q785815 [info]