New Gods

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New Gods is another solid outing from Canadian metallers. There’re definitely a couple of heavy numbers here but, for the most part, Cauldron has reeled in and settled on a gentle, melodic groove, which, in many ways, is a stark contrast to earlier releases. The band has always been good at keeping it simple, and their craft at making memorable licks and choruses has always been a strong trait. But there appears to be a conscious effort here for album fluidity and crafting choruses that won’t go away. Chained to the Nite is still the quintessential Cauldron album but this new record deserves a stop in its ranks.

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New GodsCD9Dissonance ProductionsDISSO129CDD803343182101
New GodsCD9The End Records (Brooklyn, tends towards dark and heavy)TE744-2654436074427


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