Symphonie No. 9 d-moll op. 125CD5
Deutsche Grammophon447 905-2028944790528
Symphonie no. 9CD5
Deutsche Grammophon410 859-2028941085924
Symphonie Nr. 9CD5
Deutsche Grammophon439 495-2028943949521
Symphonie nr. 9 (= classikon 8)CD5
  • XE1995-05-05
Deutsche Grammophon439 495-2028943949521
Symphonie Nr.9 (Club Edition)CD5
Deutsche Grammophon39 561 6, 439 495-2[none]
Symphonie Nr. 9CD5
  • DE1999-04-19
Deutsche Grammophon457 910-2028945791029
Symphonie Nr. 9 "Ode an die Freude"Hybrid SACD5
  • DE2005-02-22
Deutsche Grammophon476 7368028947673682
Symphony No.9 "Choral"SHM-SACD5
  • JP2015-07-08
Deutsche GrammophonUCGG-90844988005893789
Symphonie No. 9SHM-CD5
  • JP2015-08-26
Deutsche GrammophonUCCG-905284988031105238
Symphonie No. 9CD5
Deutsche Grammophon431 026-2028943102629


included in:The History of Classical Music, Part 2: Classical to Early Romantic: From Haydn to Paganini by Various Artists
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