Shades of Purple

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Shades of PurpleM2MCD14
  • JP2000-02-03
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)AMCY-71254988029712547
Shades of PurpleM2MCD13
  • US2000-03-07
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)83258-2075678325823
Shades of PurpleM2MCD14
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)75679286729325583006227
Shades of Purple (Limited Edition 2CD)M2MCD + Enhanced CD14 + 3
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)75679296429325583008504
Shades Of Purple [CD Bonus Tracks]M2MCD5
Shades of Purple (Exclusive Asian Interview Edition)M2MCD19
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)7567-93001-2075679300126
Shades of PurpleM2MCD13
  • -2000
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)7567-83258-2075678325823
Shades of PurpleM2MDigital Media13
  • XW2008-12-16
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)075678325861
Shades of PurpleM2MCD13
  • CA2013-05-21
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)CD 83258075678325823
Shades Of PurpleM2M(unknown)17


associated singles/EPs:Don't Say You Love Me
Everything You Do
Mirror Mirror
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