Becoming X

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Becoming XSneaker PimpsCD15
  • JP1996-08-07
avex traxAVCD-114544988064114542
Becoming XSneaker PimpsCD11
  • GB1996-08-19
Clean Up RecordsCUP020CD5029271002020
Becoming XSneaker PimpsCD11
Virgin Schallplatten GmbH (not for release label use! for copyrights use only, former DE division of Virgin Records Ltd.)841826 2724384182625
Becoming XSneaker PimpsCD12
  • US1997-02-25
Virgin Records America, Inc. (for copyrights use only; for release labels, please refer to either “Virgin” or “Virgin America”)7243 8 42587 2 6724384258726
Becoming XSneaker PimpsCD11
  • GB1997-06-09
Clean Up RecordsCUP020CDX5029271002006
Becoming XSneaker PimpsCD11
  • DE1997-07-24
Clean Up Records8446542724384465421
Becoming XSneaker PimpsCD12
avex traxAVCD-65032
Becoming XSneaker PimpsDigital Media12
Virgin Records (Part of Capitol Music Group, California)
Becoming X (iTunes/Deezer/Spotify)Sneaker PimpsDigital Media11
  • US2008-07-28
One Little Independent Records5016958099312
Becoming XSneaker PimpsVinyl + 12" Vinyl6 + 6
Clean Up RecordsCUP020DMM
Becoming XSneaker PimpsDigital Media11
  • MX2012-09-18
Clean Up Records5029271002006
Becoming XSneaker PimpsVinyl11
Clean Up RecordsCUP020DMM5016958099312
Becoming XSneaker PimpsDigital Media11
  • US2019-09-10
One Little Indian Records
Becoming X (bandcamp)Sneaker PimpsDigital Media11
  • XW2021-05-14
One Little Independent Records


associated singles/EPs:6 Underground
Post Modern Sleaze
Roll On
Spin Spin Sugar
Tesko Suicide
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