Mylo Xyloto

~ Release group by Coldplay


Produced and recorded by Markus Dravs, Daniel Green and Rik Simpson
Mixing by Mark 'Spike' Stent, Rik Simpson, Daniel Green and Michael Brauler
Strings by Davide Rossi
Additional cello by Rosie Danvers
Percussion by Luis Jardim
Mastered by Ted Jensen and Bob Ludwig
Recording and mix assistance by Andy Rugg, Matt McGinn, Mat Miller, Christian Green, Olga Fitzroy, Ryan Gilligan, Matt Green, Pierre Eiras, David Emery, Ian Sylvester, Noah Goldstein, Ian Shea, Andrew Denny, Deepu Panjwani, Nobuyuki Murakami, Hidefumi Ohbuchi, and Mr. Tim Crompton

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Mylo XylotoCD17
  • JP2011-10-19
Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)TOCP-712004988006889408
Mylo Xyloto (mastered for iTunes)Digital Media17
  • JP2011-10-19
Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)5099972943854
Mylo XylotoCD14
  • DE2011-10-21
  • GB2011-10-24
Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)087 55325099908755322
Mylo Xyloto (mastered for iTunes)Digital Media14
  • NL2011-10-21
  • AU2011-10-24
  • GB2011-10-24
  • US2011-10-24
Parlophone (aka Parlophone UK)5099967983858
Mylo XylotoDigital Media14