Mick's Tape

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Mick's TapeCassetteboyCD44
  • GB2005-05-10
Antidote (Hip-hop and electro UK label, subsidiary of Sanctuary)ANTCD112602923611228


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Cassetteboy, postmodern connoisseurs of bootleg cut-up culture and Chris Morris style satire, have gained a cult following with the release of underground material such as The Parker Tapes and Inside A Whale's Cock.

Their formula is philosophically quite simple: recording famous people and making it sound like they're talking about sex or drugs. But the methodology is painstakingly punctilious due to the heavy editing involved.

Following the same path as The Parker Tapes, Micks Tape the duo's first proper foray out of the deep underground - features the same blend of diverse music and controversial celeb cut-ups, offering a quite unique mixtape experience.

How controversial? Well, one minute Tiff Needel is advising us on how to shop around for a crack whore; the next, a history teacher is telling us how the principal idea behind London Underground was to connect all the mainline stations together using a large network of sewers.

In between a disparate but solid array of records from the likes of MF Doom, Fela Kuti, Squarepusher and Fennesz, Queen Victoria also grows testicles while Jamie Oliver admits to being friendless and not too deep. David Bowie, meanwhile, is heard singing "Here I am... shitting in a tin-can".

Of course this can all be construed as a series of jumped up knob gags or as subversive genius, depending on your sense of humour. But the techniques employed hark back to the fast-paced hip hop plunderphonics that have informed everyone from Prince Paul and Coldcut to Double Dee as well as Steinski and Quasimoto, making for a generally entertaining and pretty risquelistening experience.