Far Beyond Driven

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Far Beyond DrivenPanteraCD12
  • DE1994-03-18
Far Beyond DrivenPanteraCD13
  • JP1994-03-18
EastWest JapanAMCY-6704988029067043
Far Beyond DrivenPanteraCD12
  • US1994-03-22
Far Beyond DrivenPanteraCD12
EastWestCD 92302075679230225
Far Beyond DrivenPanteraCD12
Far Beyond DrivenPanteraCD12
Gallo Record CompanyEKCD 62836001208844230
Far Beyond DrivenPanteraCD13
EastWestPANTERA 1[none]
Far Beyond DrivenPanteraCD12
Far Beyond Driven (reissue, limited edition)Pantera2×12" Vinyl6 + 6
  • US2010-04-17
EastWest, Rhino (reissue label)R1 92302081227981280
Far Beyond Driven (20th anniversary deluxe edition)Pantera2×Digital Media12 + 9
  • US2014-03-24
Rhino (reissue label), Rhino Atlantic (digital releases only!)603497904303
Far Beyond Driven (20th Anniversary Edition)Pantera2×CD12 + 9
  • DE2014-03-25
EastWest, Rhino (reissue label)8122796029081227960292
Far Beyond Driven (20th Anniversary Edition)Pantera2×CD12 + 9
  • US2014-03-25
EastWest, Rhino (reissue label)R2-541769081227960292
Far Beyond DrivenPantera2×12" Vinyl6 + 6
Rhino (reissue label)8122-79812-8081227981280
Far Beyond Driven (hi-res audio)PanteraDigital Media12
Rhino Atlantic (digital releases only!)603497872404
Far Beyond Driven (Mastered for iTunes)PanteraDigital Media12
Elektra (1950–1989, revived 2009‐06‐01; read annotations before use), Rhino (reissue label)603497872404


artist & repertoire support:Derek Oliver
associated singles/EPs:5 Minutes Alone
I'm Broken
included in:Original Album Series
The Pantera Collection
part of:Rolling Stone: The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time (number: 39) (order: 39)
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lyrics page:https://genius.com/albums/Pantera/Far-beyond-driven [info]
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