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It is the second official album and the first LP release created by the independent producer Jorge Giovani Vallejo López (Youkaifox); and published on November 16, 2016.
This album consists of 10 tracks with an approximate duration of 44:49 min.
After the first album "To My Family", Youkaifox continued to experiment in the world of music. So after many tests and even looking for a genre and a musical style that was better adapted to him, I manage to produce this musical album that I call "X-Roxtla".
The name refers to a town in the city of Puebla, which is called Xoxtla; And it is an album that still honors some people and places that the artist met during those years.

The album is composed by the following tracks:

01.- Roxtla Intro
02.- Solidaridad
03.- El Camino
04.- 137-2
05.- La Mañana
06.- Zecalcoayan
07.- La Malinche
08.- Ma y Ra
09.- Aloha Amor
10.- La Melancolia Egerea

Originally Youkaifox would only produce this and another album, since the only thing he was looking for was to create the covers to offer his services as a graphic designer, but finally he liked the creation of music and continuous.

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