Out There and Back2×CD12 + 3Urban (German techno, later rap/R&B division of Universal Music GmbH)1569882601215698824
Out There and Back2×CD12 + 8avex traxAVTCD-953444892747953444
Out There and BackCD12Deviant Records (UK techno/IDM)DVNT 37CD608277003740
Out There and Back (UK bonus disc version)2×CD12 + 8Deviant Records (UK techno/IDM)DVNT37DCD608277013749
Out There and Back2×CD12 + 8Shock Records (Australian independent)ADDCD0605021456101139
Out There and Back2×CD12 + 11MostikoMO 01228435058000375
Out There and BackCD + Enhanced CD12 + 8Mute9127-2724596912720


associated singles/EPs:Tell Me Why (The Riddle) by Paul van Dyk feat. Saint Etienne
We Are Alive
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