Talking Book

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Talking BookStevie Wonder12" Vinyl10
  • US1972-10-27
TamlaT319L, T 319L[none]
Talking BookStevie Wonder12" Vinyl10
Talking BookStevie WonderCD10
  • JP1986-03-31
Talking BookStevie WonderCD10
Talking BookStevie WonderCD10
  • XE2000-03-21
Motown157 579-2601215757927
Talking BookStevie WonderCD10
  • US2000-03-21
Motown012 157 354-2601215735420
Talking BookStevie WonderCD10
Motown157 354-2601215735420
Talking BookStevie WonderCD10
Gruppo editoriale l'Espresso, MotownBME 02[none]
Talking BookStevie WonderSHM-CD10
  • JP2009-01-28
Tamla Motown (for non-US releases only)UICY-93933
Talking BookStevie WonderHDCD10
  • US2010-07-06
Audio FidelityAFZ 076780014207625
Talking BookStevie WonderSHM-SACD10
  • JP2011-05-25
Talking BookStevie WonderDigital Media10
  • US2012-08-14
Talking BookStevie WonderSHM-CD10
  • JP2012-09-19
Talking Book (HDTracks 24bit 192kHz)Stevie WonderDigital Media10
Talking BookStevie WonderSHM-CD10
  • JP2013-09-25
Talking BookStevie WonderHQCD10
  • JP2018-06-20
Tamla Motown (for non-US releases only)UICY-402124988031277560
Talking BookStevie WonderCD10MotownWD726050035627260520
Talking BookStevie WonderCD10Motown530 036-2731453003620
Talking BookStevie WonderCD10TamlaTCD06151TD050109615124


covers:Talking Book by Macy Gray
included in:The Complete Stevie Wonder
part of:Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums of All Time: 2020 edition (number: 59) (order: 59)
Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums of All Time: 2003 edition (number: 90) (order: 90)
Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums of All Time: 2012 edition (number: 90) (order: 90)
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As the second of five consecutive albums which made up Stevie's classic period, Talking Book found Wonder at the top of his game, combining tight song writing with warm electronic arrangements and effervescent vocal performances.

Released in 1972 and sandwiched between the release of Music of My Mind and Innervisions, Talking Book saw the then 22 year-old Wonder enjoying more artistic freedom from Motown, taking over the production reins and playing most of the instruments himself. As a result, the sound of the album is sharply defined by Wonder's exquisite keyboard work, and his use of the Hohner clavinet model C on Superstition became widely regarded as one of the definitive tracks featuring the instrument.

Despite making the majority of Talking Book himself, the album also benefits from the talents of guest guitarists Jeff Beck, Buzzy Feton and Ray Parker, Jr who featured on Maybe Your Baby and Lookin' For Another Pure Love.

Wonder won three awards for Talking Book at the 1974 Grammys with You Are the Sunshine Of My Life winning Best Male Pop Vocal Performance and Superstition picking up both Best Male R&B; Vocal Performance and Best R&B; Song.