Who Built the Moon?CD13Sony Records International (Japanese TEXTLESS walking eye imprint), Sour MashSICX-974547366332544
Who Built the Moon?CD12Sour Mash67067400602567067405
Who Built the Moon? (Deluxe Edition)CD12Sour MashJDNCCD27X5052945027005
Who Built the Moon?CD12Sour MashJDNCCD275052945027029
Who Built the Moon?Digital Media12Sour Mash5052945027111
Who Built the Moon?CD12Caroline Records (US pseudo-indie label), Sour Mash2567067405, JDNCCD270602567067405
Who Built the Moon?Digital Media13


associated singles/EPs:Fort Knox
Holy Mountain
If Love Is the Law
She Taught Me How to Fly
part of:Mercury Prize shortlist nominees (number: 2018)
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