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ZombieFẹla and Afrika 7012" Vinyl2
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)PMLP 1003[none]
ZombieFẹla and Afrika 7012" Vinyl2
Coconut (Nigerian label)PMLP 1003[none]
ZombieFela Kuti & Afrika 7012" Vinyl3
Mercury Records (or just “Mercury.” A UMG imprint, do not use it for ©/℗ credits)SRM-1-3709[none]
ZombieFela Kuti & Afrika 70CD3
ZombieFela and Afrika 7012" Vinyl3
CelluloidCELL 6116
ZombieFela and Afrika 70CD4
Universal (plain logo “Universal” used by Universal Music and Universal Pictures)549 383 2731454938327
ZombieFela Kuti & Afrika 70CD4
MCA Records (1967–2003; name as in imprint during 1972–1990)314 549 383-2731454938327
ZombieFela Kuti & Afrika 70Digital Media4
  • US2009-09-01
Knitting Factory Records720841206194
ZombieFela and Africa 70Digital Media4
  • XW2010-09-14
Fela Anikulapo-Kuti Estate
ZombieFẹla and Afrika 70CD4
Knitting Factory RecordsKFR-1015720841801122
ZombieFela Kuti & Afrika 70Digital Media1
  • US2011-08-05
Red Music[none]
ZombieFela Kuti & Afrika 70Digital Media4
  • XE2013-03-01
Knitting Factory Records5051083068789
ZombieFela Kuti & Afrika 70CD4
Kalakuta Sunrise, Knitting Factory RecordsKFR-10155051083069137
Zombie (edit)Fela KutiDigital Media2
Knitting Factory Records720841125907


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