Aladdin Sane

~ Release group by David Bowie


Aladdin Sane12" Vinyl10RCA VictorRS 1001[none]
Aladdin Sane12" Vinyl10RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or 'RCA' with lightning bolt in circle)RCA-6100
Aladdin Sane12" Vinyl10RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or 'RCA' with lightning bolt in circle)LSP-4852[none]
Aladdin SaneReel-to-reel10RCA VictorEPPA 4852-C[none]
Aladdin Sane (ltd edition picture disc)12" Vinyl10RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or 'RCA' with lightning bolt in circle)BOPIC 1[none]
Aladdin SaneCD10RCA VictorPCD1-485207863548522
Aladdin SaneCD10RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or 'RCA' with lightning bolt in circle)PD 838900035628389022
Aladdin SaneCD10EMI (EMI Records, since 1972)CDEMC 3579, CDP 79 4768 20077779476824
Aladdin Sane (w/ barcode)CD10RykodiscRCD 10135014431013522
Aladdin SaneCD10RykodiscRCD 10135
Aladdin SaneCD10EMI (EMI Records, since 1972)7243 521902 0 1724352190201
Aladdin SaneEnhanced CD11Virgin (worldwide imprint of Virgin Records Ltd. and all its subsidiaries)7243 5 21902 0 1724352190201
Aladdin Sane12" Vinyl10Simply VinylSVLP 276
Aladdin Sane (30th Anniversary Edition)2×Copy Control CD10 + 10EMI (EMI Records, since 1972)5 83120 2, 5 83121 2, 5 83122 2, 7243 5 83120 2 7, 7243 5 83121 2 6, 7243 5 83122 2 5724358312027
Aladdin SaneCD10東芝EMI 株式会社 (record company, do not use as release label - check obi, back or disc for imprint! Ended 2007-06-29)TOCP-701454988006849815
Aladdin SaneSHM-CD10EMI Music Japan Inc. (2007-06-30 to 2013-04-01 - record company, do NOT USE as release label - check the back cover or CD surface for the imprint)TOCP-950454988006876002
Aladdin Sane (40th anniversary edition)CD10EMI (EMI Records, since 1972)DBAS 405099993447423
Aladdin Sane (40th anniversary edition)CD10USM Japan (read the annotation before using!)TOCP-715104988006553422
Aladdin SaneEnhanced CD10Parlophone219022-PRL2724352190201
Aladdin Sane (2013 remaster, 2015 reissue)CD10Parlophone0825646283392825646283392
Aladdin Sane (2013 remaster)CD10ParlophoneRP2-219022825646283392
Aladdin SaneDigital Media10[none]
Aladdin Sane(unknown)14


associated singles/EPs:Drive‐In Saturday
included in:Five Years 1969–1973
part of:Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums of All Time: 2012 edition (number: 279)
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