So Jealous

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So JealousTegan and SaraEnhanced CD14
  • CA2004-09-14
Superclose Music, Universal Music Canada7697422872776974228725
So JealousTegan and SaraCD14
  • GB2004-09-14
Sanctuary Records (UK 1996–present), Vapor RecordsSANCD2915050159029129
So JealousTegan and SaraCD14
  • US2004-09-14
Vapor Records06076-89403-2R060768940321
So JealousTegan and SaraCD14
  • DE2005-04-25
Sanctuary Records (UK 1996–present)SANCD2915050159029129
So JealousTegan and SaraCD14
  • AU2005-12-05
Shock (Australian independent)SANCD291A5021456138722
So JealousTegan and SaraCD15
  • JP2005-12-21
BMG (the former Bertelsmann Music Group, defunct since 2004-08-05; for releases dated 2008 and later, see annotation), Sanctuary Records (UK 1996–present), Vapor RecordsBVCM‐410514988017637715
So JealousTegan and SaraEnhanced CD14
Sire Records2-292156093624992585
So JealousTegan and SaraCD14
Sire Records292156-2093624992585
So JealousTegan and SaraDigital Media14
  • -2014
Sire Records, Vapor Records


associated singles/EPs:Speak Slow
covers:Still Jealous
part of:Juno Awards: Alternative Album of the Year (number: 2006) (order: 57)
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