To My Family

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It is the first album composed by the independent producer Jorge Giovani Vallejo López (Youkaifox) ; with release date of October 12, 2016 is a musical album of the genre Dance - Electronic .
The first album that published Youkaifox, being the first one, its music and sound are the result of a mixture of someone who is still learning to create music. Mixes of rock, hip-hop, techno and electronic music are what we can find in this work. Originally Youkaifox would only produce this and another album, since the only thing he was looking for was to create the covers to offer his services as a graphic designer, but finally he liked the creation of music and continued to produce more.

The album is composed of the following tracks:
1.- Arman
2.- Jamegereas
3.- Linda´s come
4.- Mom´s Day
5.- To My Brother

The cover of the album and the wallpaper created to be used in the videos were designed by Jamegerea.

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