Take Care

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Take CareDrakeCD17
  • GB2011-11-14
Cash Money Records00602527832623602527832623
Take Care (deluxe)DrakeDigital Media20
  • US2011-11-15
Cash Money Records00602527899107
Take CareDrakeCD17
  • US2011-11-15
Cash Money Records, Universal Republic Records (2006-2012), Young Money EntertainmentB0016135-02602527832623
Take Care (deluxe, clean)DrakeDigital Media20
  • US2011-11-15
Cash Money Records602527899091
Take CareDrakeDigital Media18
  • US2011-11-15
Take CareDrakeDigital Media18
  • XW2011-11-15
Cash Money Records, Universal Republic Records (2006-2012), Young Money Entertainment
Take Care (deluxe, clean)DrakeDigital Media19
  • -2011-11-15
Cash Money Records602537003624
Take Care (deluxe, explicit)DrakeDigital Media19
  • -2011-11-15
Cash Money Records602537004669
Take Care (Deluxe)DrakeDigital Media19
  • US2012-03-20
Cash Money Records[none]


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Absolute Radio's The 100 Collection (number: 52) (order: 52)
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Consequence of Sound: Top 100 Albums of the 2010s (number: 74) (order: 74)
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Grammy Award: Best Rap Album nominees (number: 2013 winner) (order: 91)
Polaris Music Prize nominees (number: 2012) (order: 94)
Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums of All Time: 2020 edition (number: 95) (order: 95)
Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums of All Time: 2023 edition (number: 95) (order: 95)
Juno Awards: Rap Recording of the Year (number: 2012 – Winner) (order: 109)
Music Canada Certified Double Platinum Albums (order: 134)
Juno Awards: Album of the Year (number: 2012) (order: 185)
Music Canada Certified Platinum Albums (order: 212)
Music Canada Certified Gold Albums (order: 425)
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