Bat Out of Hell

~ Release group by Meat Loaf


Bat Out of Hell12" Vinyl7EpicEK 34974
Bat Out of Hell12" Vinyl7EpicEPC 82419, EPC 82 419
Bat Out of Hell12" Vinyl7EpicEPC 82419[none]
Bat Out of HellCartridge9Cleveland International, EpicPEA 34974,
Bat Out of HellCD7EpicEK 34974074643497428
Bat Out of Hell12" Vinyl7Cleveland International, Epic34974, JE 34974074643497411
Bat Out of Hell12" Vinyl7Cleveland InternationalPE 34976074643497411
Bat Out of HellCD7EpicEK 34974, WEK-34974074643497428
Bat Out of Hell: Re-VampedCD8EpicCDX 824195099708241995
Bat Out of Hell: Re-Vamped(unknown)8
Bat Out of HellCD7EpicEK 64404
Bat Out of HellCD7EpicEPC 4804115099748041128
Bat Out of HellCD10Cleveland International, Epic, Legacy (Legacy Recordings)88697995612886979956124
Bat Out of HellCD10EpicEPC 499944 25099749994423
Bat Out of HellCD9Epic, Cleveland International, Legacy (Legacy Recordings)EK 62171, 074646217122
Bat Out of HellSACD18EpicES 62171074646217160
Bat Out of Hell (25th Anniversary Edition)CD + DVD-Video10 + 12Epic508653 35099750865330
Bat Out of HellCD10888837050029
Bat Out of HellCD7EpicEPC 463044 25099746304423
Bat Out of Hell12" Vinyl7Friday MusicFRM 34974
Bat Out of Hell12" Vinyl7Music on Vinyl (imprint of Music on Vinyl B.V. Do not use for manufacturing/distribution relationships!)MOVLP10188718469535132
Bat Out of HellDigital Media7Cleveland International, Epic886443775787
Bat Out of HellHybrid SACD7Analog SparkAS00006888072004450
Bat Out of Hell12" Vinyl7Legacy (Legacy Recordings)88985375141889853751419
Bat Out of HellCD7Epic, Cleveland InternationalCDEPC 82419, 9399708241923
Bat Out Of HellCD7EpicCEK 3497477749514349802
Bat Out of HellCD7EpicCDEPC 82419[none]
Bat Out of HellCD7EpicDIDP 020018, EK 34974074643497428
Bat Out of HellDigital Media9Cleveland International, Epic


included in:Dead Ringer for Love / Bat Out of Hell
part of:Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums of All Time: 2012 edition (number: 343)
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