A Curious Thing

~ Release group by Amy Macdonald


A Curious ThingAmy MacdonaldEnhanced CD + Digital Media12 + 3
  • XE2010-03-08
  • GB2010-03-08
Melodramatic Records, Vertigo (originally a British rock label; German since 1998)273 114-0602527311401
A Curious Thing (Deluxe Version)Amy MacdonaldDigital Media13
  • FI2010-03-08
Universal Music Oy (holding company, distributor - do not use as release label!)00602527346809
A Curious ThingAmy MacdonaldEnhanced CD + CD12 + 14
  • GB2010-03-08
Melodramatic Records273 3602602527336022
A Curious ThingAmy Macdonald12" Vinyl12
  • GB2010-03-08
Melodramatic Records273 495-1602527349510
A Curious Thing (Exclusive Deluxe BP2)Amy Macdonald2×Digital Media13 + 14
  • XW2010-03-08
A Curious ThingAmy Macdonald2×Digital Media13 + 14
  • FR2010-03-12
Melodramatic Records
A Curious ThingAmy MacdonaldDigital Media12
Melodramatic Records, Mercury Records (or just “Mercury.” A UMG imprint, do not use it for ©/℗ credits)[none]
A Curious Thing (Special Orchestral Edition)Amy Macdonald2×CD12 + 12
  • DE2010-11-26
Melodramatic Records275 684‐6602527568461
A Curious ThingAmy MacdonaldCD12
Melodramatic Records525614990602527448619
A Curious ThingAmy MacdonaldCD12
Melodramatic Records, Universal Music (plain logo: “Universal Music”)STARCD 74506009143424630
A Curious ThingAmy MacdonaldDigital Media12
  • CH2012-03-05
A Curious Thing (German Deluxe)Amy Macdonald2×Digital Media14 + 14
EMI (EMI Records, since 1972)0602527352145


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included in:This Is the Life + A Curious Thing
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