Saw Delight

~ Release group by CAN


Saw DelightCAN12" Vinyl5
Harvest (UK based sub‐label of EMI, re‐activated in 2013 under Capitol Music Group in Hollywood, CA)1C 064-32 156[none]
Saw DelightCANCD5
Mute9 61075-2724596107522
Saw DelightCANHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels)5 + 5
  • XE2006-07-14
Mute, Spoon Records (label founded by Can), The Grey Area (reissue imprint of Mute), Warner Music Group Germany, Warner Strategic Marketing, Warner Strategic Marketing Germany (subsidiary of Warner Music Group Germany Holding GmbH)SPOONSA275051011056529
Saw DelightCANHybrid SACD5
Spoon Records (label founded by Can)9318-2724596931820
Saw DelightCANCD5Spoon Records (label founded by Can)spoon CD 274015887000278
Saw DelightCANSACD5
  • GB2006-05-29
Spoon Records (label founded by Can)SPOONSA 270094636077123


included in:CAN Box 4
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