Damned Damned DamnedThe Damned12" Vinyl12
  • GB1977-02-18
Stiff RecordsSEEZ 1[none]
Damned Damned DamnedThe DamnedCD12
Demon Records (80s UK new wave/reissues)FIEND CD 915014757070914
Damned Damned DamnedThe DamnedVinyl12
Demon Records (80s UK new wave/reissues)FIEND 91
Damned Damned DamnedThe DamnedCD12
Frontier Records (US alternative/indie label)4621-2-L018663462127
Damned Damned DamnedThe DamnedCD12
  • US2002-08-20
Sanctuary Records (UK 1996–present)06076 81190-2060768119024
Damned Damned Damned (30th anniversary expanded edition)The Damned3×CD12 + 26 + 12
  • DE2007-02-26
Castle Music (subsidiary of Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.)CMETD 14535050749414533
Damned Damned DamnedThe Damned4×CD12 + 26 + 12 + 3
Universal UMC, Sanctuary Records (UK 1996–present)00602537141012, 371 410-10602537141012
Damned Damned Damned (deluxe edition)The DamnedCD12
  • XE2017-02-17
BMG (imprint of BMG Rights Management, 2008–present)BMGAA01CD4050538235036


associated singles/EPs:New Rose
included in:Damned Damned Damned / Music for Pleasure
part of:Shredding Paper: 25 Years of Punk - Greatest Albums Ever! (number: 6) (order: 6)
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