It’s Time

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It’s TimeMichael BubléCD13
  • CA2005-02-08
143 Records (Atlantic subsidiary), Reprise RecordsCDW 48946093624894629
It’s Time (Deluxe)Michael BubléDigital Media17
  • XE2005-02-08
143 Records (Atlantic subsidiary), Reprise Records[none]
It’s TimeMichael BubléCD13
  • XE2005-02-08
143 Records (Atlantic subsidiary), Reprise Records9362-48946-2093624894629
It’s TimeMichael BubléCD13
  • US2005-02-08
143 Records (Atlantic subsidiary), Reprise Records48946-2093624894629
It’s Time (special edition)Michael BubléCD15
  • US2005-02-08
143 Records (Atlantic subsidiary), Reprise Records9362-48996-2093624899624
It’s Time (deluxe edtion)Michael BubléDigital Media15
  • US2005-02-08
Reprise Records093624942740
It’s TimeMichael BubléCD13
  • AU2005-03-13
143 Records (Atlantic subsidiary), Reprise Records9362-48946-29325583027758
It’s Time (Starbucks special edition)Michael BubléCD14
143 Records (Atlantic subsidiary), Reprise Records49347-2


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included in:The Michael Bublé Collection (6 “disc” digital box set, available only in North America)
The Michael Bublé Collection (5 CD box set, released in Australia)
part of:Juno Awards: Pop Album of the Year (number: 2006) (order: 10)
Music Canada Certified Six Times Platinum Albums (order: 32)
Music Canada Certified Quintuple Platinum Albums (order: 39)
Music Canada Certified Quadruple Platinum Albums (order: 48)
Music Canada Certified Triple Platinum Albums (order: 68)
Music Canada Certified Double Platinum Albums (order: 112)
Juno Awards: Album of the Year (number: 2006: winner) (order: 156)
Music Canada Certified Platinum Albums (order: 174)
Music Canada Certified Gold Albums (order: 333)
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