Stick It

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This record definitely gives off a pre-Hair vibe, before the genre suffered from the posh that made it all into a laughing stock. There's a gritty vibe that makes Great White come across as especially likable, even with its flaws.
For one thing, the singer has a GREAT range and a very powerful voice. Sometimes, he doesn't dare enough, and the result can be quite tedious to sit through (the worst offender being "Substitute," a swing-and-miss and quite out-of-place cover of The Who), but often, like in the second half of "Stick It" or during the entirety of "Dead End," his soaring voice colors each and every second of the song. No matter what he sings, it is at least somewhat lively and exciting because of him.
However, some of what he sings is... questionable. Like the vast majority of 80s hard rock bands, Great White suffered from simple and oftentimes rather stupid lyrics, though these are not, by any measure, as bad as they can be. Some songs like "Bad Boys" and "Streetkiller" suffer much more than others, and some like "On Your Knees," though clearly serving as the obligatory badass-sex-dominance song (and thus I shouldn't go in expecting much), comes off as really forced at best, and tacky at worst.
Either way, the lyrics are a very minor complaint when juxtaposed with all of the aforementioned things that this band did right. For the tragic epilogue, though, with this interesting, blues-influenced sound, record companies unfortunately backed away, and they were even dropped by the one that released this record, causing the band to tame themselves for later releases and find true success in the hard rock scene. It's a shame, really, because this sound is edgy and suits the band quite well. They do well when they show their teeth.

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