New Moon

~ Release group by Elliott Smith

Album + Compilation

New Moon2×CD12 + 12
  • XE2007-05-07
Domino (UK - WIG or RUG cat #s)WIGCD1985034202019824
New Moon2×12" Vinyl12 + 12
  • GB2007-05-07
Domino (UK - WIG or RUG cat #s)WIGLP1985034202019817
New Moon2×CD12 + 12
  • CA2007-05-08
Kill Rock StarsKRS455759656045520
New MoonDigital Media24
  • US2007-05-08
Kill Rock Stars[none]
New Moon2×CD12 + 12
  • US2007-05-08
Kill Rock StarsKRS455759656045520
New MoonDigital Media24
  • XW2015-10-02
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Before his untimely death in 2003 there were moments when Elliott Smith seriously looked like becoming the Neil Young of his generation. Nowadays it feels rather like he's been hard done by. Is it wrong to suspect that had he looked a bit more like Jeff Buckley and rather less like a particularly unhappy lumberjack things would be different?

Elliott Smith gave the impression of having become famous by mistake, that he was just too precious for this cruel world and the very titles of the songs here on *New Moon *add to this feeling. "Miss Misery" "Fear City," "See How Things Are Hard," and my particular favourite "Going Nowhere," veer alarmingly close to being a parody of the sensitive singer songwriter. There ain't no 'hello sky, hello sunshine' type of songs to be found here.

However if the titles are depressing the music definitely isn't. The vibe may be fragile and sensitive but the overall feeling is one of melancholy rather than misery which is a whole different experience. His deceptively delicate voice hovers somewhere between Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel's and has a very real power which stays with you long after the songs are over.

However New Moon *is a collection for people who are fans already. These songs may have been recorded during his peak years in the mid to late nineties but frankly the albums *Either/Or *and *Xo, recorded at the same period, are far better and if you aren't aware of Smith's work start there. For the already initiated though, *New Moon *is a delight which can only add to the growing legend of a special talent.