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Recorded at Jean Michel Jarre private studio, mixed at Gang Studio, Paris, Aug-Nov 1976. Cutting at Translab, Paris.

First France Issue:
Label: Disques Dreyfus - Catalog #: DCO 1000

First European Issue:
Label: Polydor - Catalog #: 800015-2 - Barcode: 4228000152
Also appeared with that same catalog # on the Disques Dreyfus label on an undated disc purchased in Canada

Les Annees Laser Issue:
Label: Disques Dreyfus - Catalog #: 824 746-2 - Barcode: 4228247462

HMV Numbered Collector's box set with booklet:
Label: Polydor - Catalog #: C88 1-3

24bit Digital Remaster (France):
Label: Sony / Dreyfus - Catalog #: FDM 36140-2

24bit Digital Remaster (UK):
Label: Epic / Dreyfus - Catalog #: 487 375-2

Special Limited Millenium Edition:
Label: Epic / Dreyfus - Catalog #: MILLEN9 495221

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Oxygène (printed in England sleeve marking)12" Vinyl6
Disques Motors2933 207[none]
Oxygène12" Vinyl6
Disques Motors2933 207[none]
Oxygène12" Vinyl6
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)2344 068
Oxygène12" Vinyl6
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)MPF 1098
Oxygène12" Vinyl6
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)PD-1-6112[none]
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)3100 398[none]
  • DE1982-11-16
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)800 015-2042280001520
Disques Dreyfus, Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)800 015-2
Oxygène (Red Face)CD6
  • DE1983-02-02
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)800 015-23259180001520
Disques DreyfusDCO 1000
Disques Dreyfus, Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)800 015-2, 800015-23259180001520
Disques DreyfusFDM CD-77000[none]
Oxygène12" Vinyl6
Disques MotorsMLP 1000[none]
Disques DreyfusMCO 1000[none]
Oxygène12" Vinyl6
Disques Motors824 746-1, MLP 1000042282474612
PolyGram, Disques Dreyfus824 746-2, MCO 1000042282474629
  • FR1993-06-17
Disques DreyfusFDM 36140-2764911614021
  • US1994-10-11
Mobile Fidelity Sound LabUDCD 613015775161320
Epic, Disques Dreyfus487375 2, EPC 487375 25099748737526
Oxygène (remastered by Scott Hull)CD6
Disques MotorsFDM 36140-23460503614024
Oxygène12" Vinyl6
Simply VinylSVLP 0726433446007212
Oxygene 0113CD13
KronStudioLab International
Disques Dreyfus88843024682888430246829
Oxygène12" Vinyl6
  • GB2015-10-09
BMG (the former Bertelsmann Music Group, defunct since 2004-08-05; for releases dated 2008 and later, use “BMG Rights Management”), Disques Motors, Sony Music (global brand, excluding JP, owned by Sony Music Entertainment; for use as release label only when no sub-label/imprint is specified)88843024681888430246812
OxygeneCD6Disques Dreyfus824 746-2, MCO 10004228247452
OxygeneCassette6Disques DreyfusFDM 36140-43460503614048
Oxygene12" Vinyl6
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)2310 555


associated singles/EPs:Oxygène
Oxygène 2
covers and live performances:Oxygène: New Master Recording (2007 re-recording)
included in:Original Album Classics by Jean‐Michel Jarre
Oxygène / Oxygène 7–13
Oxygène / Rendez-vous
Oxygène Trilogy by Jean‐Michel Jarre
The Complete Oxygène
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/master/43980 [info]
other databases:https://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/jean_michel_jarre/oxygene/ [info]
https://www.musik-sammler.de/album/jean-michel-jarre-oxygene-25244/ [info]
Wikidata:Q15661 [info]

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