Geoff Achison is beyond a virtuoso. He is one of those rare guitarists who has a completely unique and virtuosic style on electric, and another completely unique and virtuosic style on acoustic. This album is basically electric, with a full backing band. Achison's style on electric is very slippery-- the notes just kind of fade into each other as though he were playing slide, even though he is just fretting and bending. However, his instrumental prowess isn't the sole focus of the album. This is a band effort, and Achison is going for a heavily R&B-influenced sound, with the guitar coming in and out for mostly brief bursts rather than the five-minute solos that he likes to play on stage. Given the R&B vibe, though, it works. The keyboards here are an acquired taste, but they play well off of Achison's guitar.

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Little Big MenCD14Jupiter II RecordsGRACD7079324953001954
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