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German quintet KISSIN’ DYNAMITE is one of the strongest names among new generation. Their fifth album, “Ecstasy”, is another excellent work of them. This album brings their main style in a simple and straight format, being a bit more commercially accessible to a broader public.
The sound quality is perfect. It’s clear in the way their music needs to sound alive and comprehensible, but heavy and aggressive as their musical personality demands. They have chosen excellent instrumental tunes that improve their songs even more. Musically, the quintet is mature and experienced, using some excellent musical arrangements that are really charming.
The accessible insight that guides “I’ve Got the Fire” (some of AOR/Pop Rock elements are presented on this song), the charming and tender melodies created for “You’re Not Alone” (what an excellent chorus), the nasty and filthy Sleazy Rock elements on “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” (the guitars are excellent on these riffs), the beautiful and introspective “Still Around” (the vocals are showing their versatility here), the accessible parts of “Superhuman”, the excellent and thunderous AOR rhythm of “Breaking the Silence”, and the charming Melodic Rock approach shown on “One More Time” and on “Wild Wind” are their finest shots. No, you won’t find weak spots on “Ecstasy”.
The album is full of hooks and catchy hard rock songs and feels more melodic than their earlier efforts.

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EcstasyCD14AVALON (Japanese hard rock / heavy metal label)MICP-114274527516017651
Ecstasy(unknown)13Metal Blade Records3984-15595-0039841559507


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