A Vision of Misery

~ Release group by Sadus


A Vision of MiserySadusCD9
  • US1992-05-05
R/C Records (US heavy metal label)RCD 9180016861918026
A Vision of MiserySadusCD9
Roadracer RecordsRO 9180-2016861918026
A Vision of MiserySadusCD9
Far East Metal Syndicate, Roadrunner RecordsAPCY-80804988015042795
A Vision of MiserySadus12" Vinyl9
Roadracer RecordsRO 9180-1016861918019
A Vision of MiserySadusCassette9
R/C Records (US heavy metal label)RCC 9180-4016861918040
A Vision of MiserySadusCD11
  • PL2007-01-15
Metal Mind Productions (MMP; label and distributor)MASS CD DG 09925907785028777
A Vision of Misery (Remastered)SadusCD11
Metal Mind Productions (MMP; label and distributor)MASS CD 09925907785028777
A Vision of MiserySadusCD9
Displeased RecordsD-001578712666015725
A Vision of MiserySadusCD11
CD-MAXIMUM (Russian label)CDM 1207-2802
A Vision of MiserySadusCD9
Listenable RecordsPOSH3943760053843944


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