This album was released as audio cd as well as a hybrid SA-CD that is part of the "Deluxe Edition". Note that the U.S. Deluxe Edition comes with a normal audio CD + DVD only.

Normal edition

UK audio cd release:
Label: Mute Records (Venusnote) (LC 5834) - Cat#: CDStumm260 - Distributor: EMI - EAN: 0094634057707 - ASIN: B000B9VDME

EU copy controlled audio cd release:
Label: Mute Records (Venusnote) (LC 5834) - Cat#: intCDStumm260 - Distributor: EMI - EAN: 0094634057523 - ASIN: B000AYO3NG

Deluxe Edition

EU hybrid SA-CD Deluxe Edition:
Label: Mute Records (Venusnote) (LC 5834) - Cat#: LCDStumm260 - Distributor: EMI - EAN: 0094634243025 - ASIN: B000B9VDMO

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Playing the AngelCD13
  • JP2005-10-13
Playing the Angel (deluxe)Digital Media19
  • XW2005-10-13
Sony Music Entertainment International Ltd886445705164
Playing the AngelCopy Control CD12
  • DE2005-10-14
Playing the AngelHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, multichannel) + DVD-Video12 + 12 + 12 + 28
  • XE2005-10-17
Mute0094634243025, LCDStumm2600094634243025
Playing the Angel2×12" Vinyl6 + 6
  • XE2005-10-17
Mute0094634020114, stumm260094634020114
Playing the AngelCD12
  • GB2005-10-17
Playing the AngelCD12
  • GB2005-10-17
Playing the AngelCD12
  • US2005-10-18
Sire Records49348-2093624934820
Playing the AngelCD + DVD-Video12 + 27
  • US2005-10-18
Sire Records49456-2093624945628
Playing the Angel: InstrumentalsCD-R12
  • US2005-10-11
Reprise Records (genuine label, not for bootleg use)[none]
Playing the AngelCD12
East Records (Russian pirate company), MG Records (russian bootlegs)4635053012463


associated singles/EPs:A Pain That I’m Used To
John the Revelator / Lilian
Suffer Well
included in:The Complete Depeche Mode
supporting tours:Touring the Angel
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Most Recent

A return to form. There, I said it. It's a boring old cliche but in this case, an appropriate one. The troubled electro kings have come storming back with album number 11: a deeply personal work which shows off Dave Gahan's dramatic vocals to perfection, and shines with trademark Mode melancholia and dark sexuality.

The mood swings from hurt in tracks like "A Pain That I'm Used To" and "I Want It All" to hope, which tentatively radiates from "Nothing's Impossible". The first single, "Precious", manages to retain a pop catchiness while still remaining very much a lament. The whole album is an ode to isolation and confusion.

Glowing with crystalline synths, softly menacing guitars and fragile contemplation, Playing The Angel conjures up an almost tangible sense of damage. If you want to get a little closer to Gahan's notorious journey to heroin-induced hell and back, you've come to the right place.