Bags’ Groove

~ Release group by Miles Davis


SVICJ-41003 is a three discs bundle called Miles Davis, containing:
* Bags' Groove
* Walkin
* Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants


Be aware there is an awful lot of confusions on which take of "But not for me" has which timing, with likely wrong sleeves.
Plosin reports take 1 as the longest, but this gets denied by the sleeve of this specific edition.
Also note that there seem to exist editions with the two tracks swapped.
So, all in all, please be extra careful and report what you get on your sleeve (title + time).

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Bags' Groove12" Vinyl7
Prestige (American jazz label)PRLP 7109
Bags' GrooveCD7
Claude Carrère ÉditionsCA 984023218030984024
Bags' GrooveCD7
Prestige (American jazz label)OJCCD-245-2 (P-7109)025218024525
Bags’ GrooveCD7
Original Jazz ClassicsOJCCD-245-2090204019656
Bags' GrooveCD7
  • JP1996-03-27
Prestige (American jazz label)VICJ-20354988002328673
Bags' GrooveCD7
Bags' GrooveCD7
  • JP2006-06-21
Prestige (American jazz label)VICJ-41505
Bags' GrooveCD7
  • JP2006-09-27
Prestige (American jazz label)SVICJ-41003
Bags' GrooveCD7
Prestige (American jazz label)PRCD-30645
Bags' GrooveCD7
Prestige (American jazz label)0888072306455888072306455
Bags' Groove12" Vinyl7
  • US2014-04-22
Analogue ProductionsAPRJ 7109[none]
Bags’ GrooveHybrid SACD7
Analogue Productions, Prestige (American jazz label)CPRJ 7109 SA, PRLP 71090753088710964


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