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This is the fifth album published by Jorge Giovani Vallejo López (Youkaifox) on April 16, 2017. The album contains 10 tracks and a duration of 48:08 min.

This album is a tribute to the state of Tlaxcala in Mexico; This is because Youkaifox was born in the city of Huamatla in this state. During a trip through the state of Tlaxcala, Youkaifox realized that it was a wonderful state full of wonders and culture that people underestimated.

Proud to be a Tlaxcalteca by birth, he decided that he should create an album in honor of the land where he was born; creating with this Tlaxcalan.

The titles of the tracks and even the cover itself is a tribute to Tlaxcala and its culture; To comments from Youkaifox, he says he regrets not having been able to use traditional Tlaxcaltec instruments on the album.

The album is composed of the following tracks:

01.- Good Morning Tlaxcala
02.- Al Otro lado de Malinche
03.- Altiplano
04.- Cacaxtla
05.- Tlaxcala
06.- Xicotencatl
07.- Tlahuicole
08.- San Buenavista
09.- Un Otomi en Huamantla
10.- Vive por Siempre

The cover of the album and the wallpaper created to be used in the videos were designed by Jamegerea.

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